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Preventing Back Pain When Weight Training

Back pain can easily be caused when weight lifting due to the added strain put through the spine, especially when carrying weights in a flexed position, as this exerts a lot of stress on the intervertebral discs.

Older weight lifters are prone to more strains of the back. However, they are less prone to disc problems. This is due to the aging process the discs undergo, making it less likely to suffer a disc prolapse.

The following exercises put the most stress on the back so it is very important you use the correct technique and protect your back while performing them:


  • Know your backs limits before you start training
  • Don’t do too much to soon
  • If lifting the heavy weights really hurts your back then lower the weight and do more reps
  • Stick to machines rather than the free weights as they can lower the stress put through the back
  • If you use free weights have someone to spot you at hand
  • Use a belt, however research is not clear as to weather they should be used. The main reasoning being your back will accept any support it is given and therefore using a belt can have a negative effect, as your back should be supporting its self. If you have back problems check with your GP / physiotherapist what they would recommend for you
— Phil @ 4:53 pm, July 19, 2006

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