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October 31, 2008

Weight Loss And Dieting Pills

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If you’re unhappy with your body and you want to lose weight, you’ve probably heard about or come across some form of weight loss pill.

There’s so many different brands of diet pills out there, it’s hard to know which ones are effective, and some questions should really be answered before spending your hard earned cash on weight loss pills:

  • Do Weight Loss Pills Really Work?
  • How Effective Are Dieting Pills?
  • Are Weight Loss Pills Safe Or Can They Harm Me?
  • What Is Ephedrine And Clenbuterol?

Put together with the latest research Team Coopersguns bring you an article to answer everything you ever wanted to know about weight loss and diet pills: Weight Loss And Dieting Pills

October 8, 2007

Facts about smoking

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  • Smoking kills half of all smokers worldwide
  • There are 6000 chemicals in tobacco including cyanide, butane, ammonia and carbon monoxide
  • Smoking makes you six times more likely to suffer a stroke
  • Smoking reduces exercise tolerance
  • Smoking causes Coronary Heart Disease

Full article contains 40 facts about smoking that you probably didn’t know

Read the full article here: 40 Things You Didn’t Know About Smoking

August 30, 2007

Cardio Explained

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Cardio – Which type is best for me?

Have you ever wondered whether cardio affects your efforts to add mass in the gym? Have you ever wondered what cardio actually does to your body? Have you ever wondered why you see people spend countless hours on the treadmills yet they never change composition?

In the ring today is Interval Training vs Steady State cardio. Both contenders have their strong points. Find out advantages and disadvantages of both types of training and the effects they have on your bodybuilding efforts.

Link to full article:Cardio Explained

February 12, 2007

Construction Complete!

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Construction on the core stability and rehab exercises is now complete with instructions.

Over 120 instructional videos have been added and even more to be added in the near future. The lovely Emma was kind enough to model for these videos – who says we aren’t good to you?

You can check these videos out via the videos section: Videos

Sarah has put up an excellent article on how to activate your core muscles, this is an essential read if you are doing any core stability work.

Read the full article here: A Brief Guide to Core Stability

February 8, 2007

Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)

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Heart Disease

CHD is a non specific term for syndromes where there is decreased blood flow to the heart. The coronary artery supplies the heart with nutrients. It branches from the ascending aorta and encircles the heart like a crown.

A heart attack is caused when there is a complete obstruction of the coronary artery, tissue distal to the obstruction dies and is replaced by non-contractile tissue.

Read the full article here: Coronary Heart Disease

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