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June 27, 2006

Exercise Encyclopedia

Filed under: Website News, News — Mark @ 11:34 am

The exercise encyclopedia is now complete and fully usable!

A flash app guides you through picking the muscle group you require exercises for and then links you to a page which contains a list of possible exercises, grouped by category

Once you select an exercise you are taken to a page which describes the exercise and shows you exactly how to perform it with the aid of a video of the exercise (flv flash video technology)

Feel free to link directly to the exercise encyclopedia from your own website!

June 2, 2006

Exercise Encyclopedia Online

Filed under: Website News — Mark @ 6:51 am

We’ve uploaded the Exercise Encyclopedia - it’s a flash app which lets you pick a muscle group and will then give a list of exercises for that muscle group..

If you click on an exercise in the list you will see a video of Neal Cooper performing the exercise (or Phil Cooper in some cases!)

Check it out!

April 13, 2006

First real content added!

Filed under: Website News — Mark @ 9:02 am

I have finished converting our Split Routines into the WordPress CMS format and uploaded them as visible via the previous link

Hopefully that will pave the way for much more content very soon!

We didn’t get round to finishing the forum template yet so it’s still as default :|

April 6, 2006

Website Progress Update

Filed under: Website News — Mark @ 8:15 am

I have moved to a faster dedicated server and also setup some forums.

The forums are not ready yet but you can register for future use

March 15, 2006

Initial website created!

Filed under: Website News — Mark @ 4:23 pm

Phil and myself have soldiered away all day to produce a nice clean layout which works in IE6 and Firefox…

There’s only example content at the moment but I’m now going to integrate WordPress into the website so we can update you as to website developments, etc.

Watch this space!

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