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May 18, 2007

Scheduled Downtime

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The server is hosted on is being relocated to a brand new, purpose built datacenter.

If all goes to plan, the downtime will be minimal and between the hours of  22:40 on the 18th May and 07:00 on the 19th May

Sorry for any inconvenience!

September 5, 2006

CoopersGuns Shop Online

Filed under: Website News, News — Phil @ 8:04 pm

We are pleased to announce that our CoopersGuns Shop is now online and accessible to the public!

Currently we’ve only added our stock of Training T-Shirts to the shop but we’ll be adding a whole range of fitness related products in the near future including a CDROM version of our famous Exercise Encyclopedia

Other future products coming soon:

  • Rehabilitation Wobble Boards
  • More training apparel

Don’t delay, check it out today!

September 1, 2006

Switched server

Filed under: Website News, News — Mark @ 3:52 pm

Due to massive server load I’ve had to move CoopersGuns over to a different server with a bit more RAM and less load, hopefully it will work a bit faster now for new visitors

It’s currently running on both servers simultaniously as the original IP for the site will be cached by some people who are using the site

I’ll merge the databases after things have stabilized


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We seem to have made the front page of! :) The poor server is straining a bit under the load so please accept our apologies for the slower than normal speed

load average: 10.17, 8.44, 5.35

Edit: looks like our shoutwire was removed :(

More: it looks like shoutwire have actually gone back in time, the diet & fitness news is 6 days old stuff.. perhaps their DB has been reverted? or maybe I’m just hoping we weren’t purposely deleted!

August 31, 2006

A few small site changes

Filed under: Website News, News — Mark @ 12:10 pm

We’ve modified the left sidebar categories - training is now incorporated under articles -> exercise and has been renamed to the more appropriate ‘videos’

The exercise encyclopedia and rehab exercises have therefore been moved under videos and the permalink address has been modified too as to reflect its new home…

Existing links from external websites should be automatically redirected to the new locations as not to cause any disruption/404s

Edit: as you’ve probably noticed, the Adsense adverts are a bit broken since the pages have changed location.. it should just be a matter of time before the Googlebot has updated its cache of them

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