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Cutting All The Cardio Confusion

  • Cardio explained and its effects on bodybuilding
  • HIIT, EPOC and Resistance Training
  • Steady State and Endurance Training

‘Back to Front’ Shoulder Training

  • Article by Neal about the benefits of training shoulders using a ‘back to front’ method

Boxing Basics

  • basic punching and combinations
  • basic boxing stances
  • training safety

Boxing Drills

  • focus training
  • punch-out drills
  • power boxing

Boxing Training Sessions

  • technique and coordination
  • speed
  • power


  • description of plyometrics
  • plyometrics features and benefits
  • different types of plyometrics

Preventing Back Pain When Weight Training

  • exercises most likely to put stress on the back
  • preventative measures

Muscle and Cardio - 5 Day Split Routine

  • Training plan by Phil, a 5 day split routine to help build muscle while keeping body fat down

Split Routines

  • Factors to consider when planning a routine
  • Example routines for 3 days and 5 days

Steady State Morning Cardio For Fat Loss

  • What happens whilst you sleep
  • Benifits of steady state cardio in the morning
  • Post workout nutrition

Training at Home - 5 Day Split Routine

  • Training plan designed to be done at home
  • A 5 day split routine that you can do with basic weights equipment

Upper / Lower Split For Hard Gainers

  • Confused about splits?
  • Frustrated by that plateau?
  • Try this upper lower body split designed for hard gainers

Myths of getting a 6 pack

  • Several common myths behind getting a 6 pack
  • The actual way to get your abs showing

Muscle Energy Systems

  • Adenosine triphosphate
  • Anaerobic respiration
  • Aerobic respiration