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October 31, 2008

Weight Loss And Dieting Pills

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If you’re unhappy with your body and you want to lose weight, you’ve probably heard about or come across some form of weight loss pill.

There’s so many different brands of diet pills out there, it’s hard to know which ones are effective, and some questions should really be answered before spending your hard earned cash on weight loss pills:

  • Do Weight Loss Pills Really Work?
  • How Effective Are Dieting Pills?
  • Are Weight Loss Pills Safe Or Can They Harm Me?
  • What Is Ephedrine And Clenbuterol?

Put together with the latest research Team Coopersguns bring you an article to answer everything you ever wanted to know about weight loss and diet pills: Weight Loss And Dieting Pills

September 29, 2008

Boxing Training Sessions by Richard Cademartori

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Many of the boxing drills and practices we have covered can be combined into full stand-alone workout sessions. The training sessions will hone your skills and give your body a hardcore workout. Different routines can be used to achieve different goals. Here I will provide 3 workout routines I have found to work well for specific goals.

This section will cover:
Sample Training: Technique and Coordination
Sample Training: Speed
Sample Training: Power

Read the full article here: Boxing Training Sessions

September 15, 2008

Boxing Drills by Richard Cademartori

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You got the equipment; you know the basics, time to get to work! Here we will get into some drills you can do to enhance your boxing skills and turn you into a stronger, quicker and more skilled fighter.

This section will cover:
- Focus Training
- Punch-out Drills
- Power Boxing

Read the full article here: Boxing Drills

September 1, 2008

Boxing Basics by Richard Cademartori

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So you got your gloves tied on, and you just picked up a brand new heavybag that your ready to beat on. Before you start flailing around like a fish out of water, take some time to understand the basic principals of boxing form and safety. Not only will they make you a better fighter; they will enhance your workout, hone your skills and help prevent against injury.

This section will cover:
Basic punching and combinations
Basic boxing stances
Training safety

Read the full article here: Boxing Basics

May 19, 2008

IronMan 2008

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The annual IronMan competition is being held at Cosgroves Physio-Fit Centre in Atherton on Saturday 21st June.

The aim is to raise as much money as possible for Christies Cancer Research.

Like last year there will be 7 events to test the competitors muscle power and endurance. Competitors will choose their strongest 6 exercises out of the 7.

The weight categories are: Mens under 90kg and Mens over 90kg.

The events are as follows:

Hack Squat Full range of movement should be performed, beyond 90° flexion, pausing momentarily at bottom and also at full lock
Bench Press Pausing momentarily at chest, press to full lockout
Deadlift No bouncing at lower end of range, dead bar up to full lockout
Smith Machine Shoulder Press Bar down to below chin and press to arms length
Chins When pulling up chin must be level with the bar, must lower until arms are fully straight
Dips + Weight Dipping down until the elbow is at 90° flexion, up to full lockout
Standing EZ Curls Pause at bottom of the movement then curl up to shoulder level

Here are the weights for each category and exercise:

Under 90 Kg Over 90 Kg
Hack Squat 3 x 20 Kg per side 5 x 20 Kg per side
Bench Press 2 x 20 Kg per side 3 x 20 Kg per side
Deadlift 4 x 20 Kg per side 5 x 20 Kg per side
Smith Machine Shoulder Press 3 x 10 Kg per side 4 x 10 Kg per side
Chins Bodyweight Bodyweight
Dips Bodyweight + 20 Kg Bodyweight + 30 Kg
Standing EZ Curls 20 Kg per side 30 Kg per side

The event is free to enter but a donation of £3 or whatever you can afford is welcomed by all who attend.

The event starts at 1:30pm but competitors are urged to arrive 1 hour before for an event briefing.

Neal from CoopersGuns will be competing so it would be nice for all who can attend to show their support.

If you wish to compete please post your details in the forum or personal message me and I will enter you into the event. I need the following details:

Telephone number
Gym you train at
Under 90kg / Over 90kg – there will be a weigh-in to confirm this.

The address for the gym is:

Cosgroves Physio-Fit Centre
Station Approach
M46 9LJ

Located next to Atherton train station, approximately 30 minutes drive from Manchester.

If you have any further questions please post in this forum topic: IronMan 2008

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